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Shop Stationery at Muji

Having the right office supplies is essential for the day-to-day running of your business. In an office environment, you will need plenty of pens, paper, storage drawers and many more items available to help you stay productive and efficient during work.

At Muji, we offer you a wide range of office stationery items online that will meet your everyday office needs. You can find a wide selection of pens & pencils, notebooks, storage products and other office accessories that will prepare you to deliver high quality services.

A pen might be a simple tool, but it is still important to carry it whenever and wherever you go because you never know when you will use one. Our range of pens include polycarbonate, gel ink and erasable ballpoint pens which will help you confidently communicate your thoughts and have a soft grip for comfortable everyday writing. Not to mention our line of pen cases which are compact and have a lightweight design which never goes out of fashion and is not easy to deform. They are not only used for stationery storage but can also help you collect all the little things and make your life less cluttered. 

A notebook can be a repository for all the odds and ends you want to remember. Our range of notebooks have a hard cover which is durable, yet they are still light in weight for carrying it to work daily. They also have smooth and thick pages which bleed through ink and dry quickly, making them more practical and pen friendly papers to carry around. All our notebooks have basic colours and designs to work superbly in the office setting, college, or a formal business meeting to make you look more professional.

Our range of acrylic storage boxes with deep compartments will help you hold and organize your office items all in one convenient location. The see-through acrylic design allows for finding things quickly, adaptable to any environment, easy to clean, durable and stylish. Additionally, we offer you a variety of acrylic photo frames which are made of super clear and high-quality material creating a smooth and bright surface to showcase all your memorable moments.

You can also find a variety of office accessories ranging from masking tapes, kraft paper bags, free schedule weekly sticky notes, scissors, staplers, polypropylene stand file boxes, drawing pins and many more office supplies that you might need to perform better.

Get your daily business running without hassles by finding the most essential office supplies you need in our stationery online store; by finding good office accessories not only you will feel more comfortable, but you will also boost your productivity. Shop for all the stationery you need by visiting Muji Online now!

Health & Beauty

Shop Health and Beauty

Taking care of your health is beyond eating the right food and exercising, it also includes taking care of the outer aspects of your physical appearance which will ultimately have a soothing impact on the body and mind. Thus, it is essential to carefully choose the right health and beauty products which can improve your overall appearance, lifestyle, and quality of life.

Muji offers you a variety of high-quality health and beauty products that can meet your everyday personal needs. You will find a huge selection of essentials ranging from skincare products, hair & body care products, makeup accessories and fragrances.

Our line of aroma and fragrances include essential oils, interior fragrances, candles, and diffusers & pots. You can use your imagination to create scents that are simply yours using our range of essential oils. They are formulated to be suitable for creating your own candles, soaps, skin, and hair routine and many more while having natural ingredients to help prevent your skin from irritation. Additionally, our interior fragrances include incenses of different scents which are suitable to be used in large spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and offices to give a calm environment. The strength of fragrance can be adjusted with the number of sticks inserted.

The collection of makeup accessories at Muji will provide you with all the essential tools and beyond to complete your makeup look. Our set of makeup brushes are soft, fluffy and have shapes that can perfectly mix with liquids, powders or creams which will help you create the flawless natural makeup application. Additionally, the line of makeup boxes has several compartments and makeup brushes slots which will help you keep your makeup tools neat and tidy.

Not only is healthy skin a big part of looking your best, but it also makes you look and feel healthier. Our skincare products include moisturizing creams, light toning water, oil cleansing, lotions and many more products that will help nourish and plump the look of your skin. They are formulated to protect sensitive skin from irritation and to enhance your natural radiance to give you a lit-from-within glow. Not to mention our bath products that will help you have fun in the bathtub with delightful assortments of bath mittens, sponges body towels and many more.

Do not miss out on checking out our health and beauty products by visiting Muji online where you can find all your beauty preparations for a more healthy, youthful, and radiant appearance!


Shop Travel Essentials at Muji

Satisfy your wanderlust and travel stress-free with Muji’s diverse collection of travel essentials.

Small Travel Cases

Your body and skincare routines are important, even when you’re on vacation. For a more personalized selection of products when you’re away from home, use our portable box case. You can hang it anywhere in your room’s bathroom and you’re good to go. An alternative case is also available for smaller items and shorter trips.

To keep your suitcase organized all trip long, use our packing cubes (gusset cases), offered in a single- and double-layered design as well as multiple sizes.


Our collection of pouches will surely fit all of your essential travel items. You don’t need to worry about finding your things in your handbag or backpack anymore. Choose between simple and clear cases, slim pouches with a handle for quick portability, or even our self-standing pouches. No matter which travel bag size or design you pick, rest assured that it is most definitely the right choice.

Passport Cases

The few hours before your flight can feel a little hectic, especially when trying to keep track of all your important documents. Having a passport case in hand can be extremely helpful and reassuring, knowing that all your important documents are kept in one place. Our designs also include separate pockets for cards and clear pockets for other travel necessities, which are refillable.

Travel Wallet & Pouches

Save some space in your packing cubes for more clothes by using our compression bags. You can organize your outfits for each day by packing them separately or by placing similar items together. Our travel wallet can also be very useful because of its soft material and compact size.


A suitcase is the ultimate traveling companion and, for that, owning a sturdy one is crucial. Our suitcases here at Muji are not only durable but are lightweight and colorful as well. Their sizes range from 19L to 105L and are fully equipped with TSA-approved locks for smoother security screenings at the airport. For easy storage at home, simply place smaller suitcases inside the larger ones.

Small Travel Containers

Packing all of the products that you use on a regular basis for your trip is not very practical. Use our small and portable containers to store the approximate amount you will be needing over the course of your trip and avoid cluttering your suitcase. You can even use them to store your medication or any other items like bobby pins and a small sewing kit for fashion emergencies.

Shop for suitcases and other travel accessories at Muji online. Don’t forget to check back for exclusive deals and offers!